Over the past 20 years it has become very popular for Australian Sporthorse Breeders to use Imported Frozen Semen from the Worlds’ best stallions of choice, to breed to Australian mare/s.

ATSB now brings to Australia the very best “Trakehner Verband Licenced Stallions”  never before offered to our Australian Equestrian Breeders.   Many of these Trakehner Stallions are in the pedigrees of some of the World’s most successful Equine Athletes. The Trakehner Verband Stallions are used by other International Warmblood Societies to refine and enhance their warmblood type. The Trakehner Warmblood is a unique breed, with beauty, elegance, performance and trainability highlighting their International Success.

‘The most influential Warmblood breed this century, - producing the best Sporthorses in the world.’


· Convenient & Economical

· More Marketable Foals

· Increased Performance ability

· The World’s best Trakehner Stallions to Select From

· To assist Australian Breeders in their goal of producing International-Quality Sport Horses for all FEI disciplines.

Europe has known the benefits of breeding with Trakehner bloodlines for decades – producing the World’s best International Sporthorses which have had amazing success. KWPN, Holsteiner, Hanovarian, Oldenburg, and many other International Breed Societies integrate Trakehner into their breeding program. Many of Australia’s AWHA horses, have original Trakehner in their pedigree. We take pride in offering the Trakehner Verband Licenced Stallions to Australian Breeders as a chance to improve the Australian Warmblood, with new, never before offered Trakehner Bloodlines.